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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Digital Services Now Available From THE DJMP SHOW

DIGITAL ART DESIGN BY DJMP $10.00 per design, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN $10 PLEASE USE THE DONATION BUTTON ON RIGHT SIDE OF PAGE Call 1-662-213-1941 after your payment and THE DJMP SHOW will design you ( 1-picure) piece of art for your digital Advertising Campaign, etc. (THE DJMP SHOW is not limited to advertising art only) Be creative and THE DJMP SHOW will help with your project only after you verify your payment. DJMP69@hotmail.com
AUDIO COMMERICAL OR VOICE DROP Mp3 $10.00 per Drop or Audio Commercial The DJMP Show will design and send you custom audio with voice overs provided by DJMP himself, after your payment is verified DJMP will personally design, and send you your custom MP3, Voice Drop or Voice Commercial. 1-662-213-1941 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN $10 PLEASE USE THE DONATION BUTTON ON RIGHT SIDE OF PAGE PLACE AN ADD ON THE DJMP SHOW WEBSITE $10.00 for 30 days The DJMP Show website has thousands of active viewers daily, When you place an add for your product on our site, we increase your numbers. Want to get your product or service noticed? Verify your payment with THE DJMP SHOW now and begin your advertising campaign ($10 covers 30 days for Placed ads) Social Media Advertising Package $10 per month The whole world uses social media to advertise their products, services, and merchandise, SO SHOULD YOU! Verify your Payment with THE DJMP SHOW Today, and DJMP will personally help you design and market your product or service with social media. 1-662-213-1941 DJMP69@hotmail.com (Payment Covers 1 Social Media Page Design and 30 days of advertising from THE DJMP SHOW) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN $10 PLEASE USE THE DONATION BUTTON THE SHOUT OUT PACKAGE $50 for 60 days This package gives you everything the DJMP SHOW has to offer for 60 days.  Customer Voice Drops and Voice Commercials MP3's sent to you and placed on our website. DIGITAL ART DESIGN THE WAY YOU WANT IT. Social media set up and design and marketed by THE DJMP SHOW for 60 days. 1-662-213-1941 DJMP69@hotmail.com with this package expect results fast The DJMP Show works around the clock to make sure people know you, your business, and what your selling. VERIFY YOUR PAYMENT NOW!! AND GET THE WORD OUT ALL OVER N.E.M.S, THE DJMP SHOW WORKS HARD TO PROVIDE YOU WITH QUALITY MATERIAL AND MARKETING *THIS PACKAGE REQUIRES A $50.00 DONATION ON THE HOME PAGE* PAYMENTS: ALL DIGITAL SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE DJMP SHOW ARE $10.00 PER UNIT OF DIGITAL GOODS PLEASE USE THE PAYMENT BUTTON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE AND THEN CONTACT DJMP FOR CONFIRMATION AND CONSULT ABOUT YOUR DIGITAL GOODS
Verify your payment, call and or email THE DJMP SHOW 1-662-213-1941 DJMP69@hotmail.com THE DJMP SHOW WILL THEN CONSULT YOU ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN YOU PURCHASED. AFTER THE CONSULT PLEASE ALLOW DJMP 24-48 HOURS FOR THE CREATIVES PROCESS ON YOUR CUSTOM MATERIAL. AFTER THE CREATIVES PROCESS IS FINISHED AND APPROVED, YOUR CAMPAIGN BEGINS FOR THE ALLOTTED TIME FRAME. Thank you for your business, THE DJMP SHOW will work hard just as it always has in the past to provide the public with quality advertising and entertaining content.

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