Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thought of THE DAY: Everyone knows about party's and everyone knows about "after party's" but think about this, and I'm mostly talking to the ladies out there, A party is typically at a CLUB and a CLUB is a Business, its a Place that charges for everything from an entrance fee to beer at the bar, Ladies, when you see a guy in a club you can safely assume a couple of things: He probably has a vehicle, he probably has a job. But I want you too think about this, and I don't know if any of you have ever noticed this but when it comes to "after party's" your going to run into and meet people that you didn't see at the Club, now you may be wondering why you didn't see some of these people at the club, well because these people are broke, these are the people that need a place to try and get laid that doesn't charge anything for anything, now for the people you see at the after party that you did see at the club, well, these are the people that didn't find someone to sleep with so basically its their, "last chance to romance". So, now how do you feel about after party's???? next time your at one, have yourself a laugh, and look around, chances are, your looking at a bunch of BROKE AND OR HORNy MOFOZ...HAHAHAHA... THANKS FOR READING -DJMP

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